You’ve worked hard; now it’s time to relax.

After working nonstop for 50-60 years, you finally did it! You can now retire, but will you be able to live comfortably with the ever-increasing expenses of San Jose, California? If you are looking to break away from the Bay Area crowding and are ready to begin to enjoy your retirement? Then look no further than Las Cruces, New Mexico. This small suburban community is just what you need to take a step back and joy your newfound time and freedom.

Leaving the San Jose area might sound like a crazy idea, but the Bay Area has become overrun with new tech moguls and companies, who drive up property rates and living costs. San Jose now houses three of the biggest tech enterprises, including Cisco, eBay, Adobe, PayPal, making it the 31st most expensive city to live in in the world. As these companies grow, the expensive marketplace and your fixed retirement income might not be sustainable. If you are looking to break away and find a place to leave the tech companies behind, enjoy your retirement in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why Las Cruces?” Well, here are ten reasons why Las Cruces makes the perfect place to retire.

1. Las Cruces, New Mexico Has a Great Climate 

The excellent weather is unbeatable; Las Cruces enjoys sunshine on average 294 days a year. In the summer, day temperatures reach the high 90s, and night temperatures are only a low 60s. During the winter, the temperature only goes down to mid-’20 at night with little to no hazardous weather conditions. Las Cruces’ mild climate will keep you and your family comfortable all year round.

2. You’re surrounded by nature in Las Cruces

The landscape is fantastic! The three sets of mountains in Las Cruces pair with the never-ending clear skies, creating incredible, breathtaking sunsets. The Organ Mountains, The Doña Ana Mountains, and Sierra de las Uvas Mountains all surround Las Cruces and contain extraordinary historical significance. They’ve been mentioned in early Spanish Conquistador journals and contain amazing explorable petroglyphs. These mountains are open to the public, allowing you to connect with the land’s rich history and create new memories. The Las Cruces Community also has over 45 great hiking trails, running trails, and viewing trails, allowing you to explore its natural wonders however you’d like.

3. Outdoor Recreational activities abound

Las Cruces is flooding with outdoor activities. There’s always something to do outside that helps you explore the community. Las Cruces offers excellent golfing clubs, horseback riding, birdwatching, bicycling, pickleball, fantastic hiking trails, and even special city events.

The City of Las Cruces is host to many regional and cultural events such as the Salsa Festival, Picacho Mountain Outdoor Festival, The Bataan Death March, Southern New Mexico Fair, The Las Cruces Wine Festival, Hatch Chile Festival, the Annual Renaissance ArtsFaire, and many more! Multiple events a month not only include live music but local food and fun. In Las Cruces, there’s always something to explore.

4. You can’t beat the New Mexican Food 

Las Cruces is located in the world’s chile capital and is home to some of the best New Mexican and Mexican food on this side of the border. Mexican Food and Native American food are strongly featured here, and they are all made based on traditional family recipes. If it’s the spice factor holding you back, don’t worry. There are plenty of other dietary fashions in Las Cruces to fit every restriction and lifestyle. If something to drink is more your style, Las Cruces also offers seven local breweries and over ten distinct wineries. In Las Cruces, there’s something for everyone, no matter your preference.

5. Art is the cornerstone to Las Cruces culture

The Las Cruces community is overflowing with art and culture. As the city is a congregation of Spanish, Native American, and Mexican influences, you will feel like you stepped into a cultural enclave. There regularly are art gallery shows and food festivals on the weekends. The weekly farmers’ market allows local farmers to connect with the community as well as local artists that display and sell their work. Historic Old Mesilla houses local museums, galleries, and alternative art. The city also hosts multiple performing arts events, proudly displaying dance and live music to new audiences.

6. Property values

Property values in Las Cruces are incredibly attractive. The average property in Las Cruces has three bedrooms sitting at around 1,692 square feet and costing about $102 per square foot. Compared to San Jose, California, the average price per square foot is $669 and the median sale price is $1,178,500 – an increase of 12.2% from the previous year. It is clear that your money will go much farther in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

7. Live Bigger while Spending Less in Las Cruces 

The Cost of Living rate in New Mexico is 84 while living in California is at a staggering 217 – more than twice the national average of 100. That is a difference of 157%, meaning not only are property rates cheaper; everything is. When comparing living in San Jose to Las Cruces, according to, you can enjoy a whopping 60% less expensive life. The biggest factor in this is the cost of homes, but it doesn’t stop here. Food & groceries are 17.2% less, transportation is 51% less, and healthcare is 13.5% less. With all the savings, you’ll be able to spend a teensy bit more on utilities.

Real Estate Daily Grind - San Jose compares to Las Cruces

8. Hit the road for a day trip adventure

If it’s an adventure you seek, you can explore the fantastic, natural wonders such as White Sands National Park, Elephant Butte National Park, the hot springs in Truth or Consequences, or go skiing at Cloudcroft Ski Valley. All of these places are less than 3 hours away, making them the perfect day trip. Citizens of Las Cruces who enjoy a more extended journey can move directly between larger cities and states along the major highways I-10 and I-25, and I-40, allowing an easy ride to Tucson, Albuquerque, Dallas, and more.

9. Medical accessibility is minutes-or a click-away

Your health concerns are essential, and proper medical care is vital. Las Cruces has various established and trusted hospitals and doctors to ensure your health stays a priority. Las Cruces houses two state-of-the-art hospitals, Memorial Medical Center and Mountainview Regional Medical Center, which provide multiple clinics and labs, emergency room care, and six different diabetic centers. All the health centers offer English and Spanish services and can be accessed, either in person or through telehealth.

10. Pursue higher adult education

Las Cruces is home to New Mexico State University, one of the oldest and best-established agriculture and engineering colleges. We also are home to Dona Ana Community College and the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. By becoming a citizen of the city, you’ll not only be qualified for in-state tuition at NMSU, making school extremely affordable, but you can also take part in all the benefits the university has to offer. Free admission to home games, free concerts, and many more are all possibilities when becoming a student at our fine school. Enjoy the benefits of college life without restrictions while pursuing your intellectual interest to the fullest.

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